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I have had the pleasure to know Ann Dymond for many years.  During our friendship I have witnessed her amazing gifts.  Ann is a multitalented woman.  She has designed and made me leather purses, clothes that were stunningly one of a kind, and blessed my home with her art. 
When you come to my home it is filled with the warmth of her creations. 

 I have a mural of a photo I took in Switzerland that Ann recreated on a wall in my garden.  We designed and she painted the shutters on the outside of my home.  My front wooden gate was sanded and painted by Ann.
Many pieces of my furniture inside and out have been painted by her with tiny creative ideas everywhere.  When I had my kitchen rebuilt Ann designed and painted all of my cabinets and painted matching switch plates to go with everything.  She has used her talent to create special rooms for me including covering furniture, making curtains and filling my walls with multicolored work that blends so beautifully you have to take time to
absorb the beauty. She is reliable and works with much perfection, never quitting until she feels she has it right.

Not only is Ann Dymond a gifted artist but being near her and her energy is a blessing.  She is a kind, giving, hard working, honest person.  Each
day I wake I am so happy she has been in my life all these years.  One should only be as lucky as me to have my life surrounded by her
lovely talents.  

Michelle McMinn Photography, Inc.